At a Glance Schedule

The following is a list of the classes generally available during each session.

Please verify the class is meeting on the calendar date you plan to attend by checking here.


5:30-6:45 pm   All-Levels Yoga with Lisa Nail


10:00-11:15 am   All Levels Yoga with Lisa Nail

12:00-1:15 pm   Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Shari Gass

        4:00-5:15pm   Yoga For Emotional Balance with Lisa Banu


       5:30-6:45 pm   All Levels Yoga with Shari Gass


       10:00-11:15 am   Continuing Yoga with Shari Gass 

       4:30-5:15 pm Yoga for Kids with Sherry Tripodi

       5:30-6:45 pm Flow and Hold with Sherry Tripodi


10:00-11:15 am  Saturday All-Level Yoga and workshops offered (click here for details)




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