Private Classes

Are private yoga classes different from group classes?  

Yesthey are different in every way!!

Private sessions allow you to:

  • develop confidence to practice in group settings;
  • refine and improve postures normally difficult for you;
  • tailor your practice to benefit a sport or profession, such as improve a golf swing, compliment a marathon training, or prevent repetitive motion injuries from playing a musical instrument;
  • learn to safely modify a practice while healing from an injury or surgery;
  • receive one-on-one attention in a private space;
  • deepen your meditation practice;
  • explore yoga philosophy; and/or
  • realize your unique strengths and weaknesses and bring your body into balance, yoga balance.
Contact Shari Gass,; Debra Steinhauer,; or Lisa Banu,  for details about scheduling your private yoga class.

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