Schedule – January 2022

Lilly Nature Center – January – May 2022

Registration is open now.

Registration for all Yoga Balance classes is easy!  All registrations are done through West Lafayette Parks and Recreation online or in person at Margerum City Hall (formerly Morton Center) , 222 N. Chauncey Avenue, Lafayette, IN 47906.

We recommend that beginning students register for a session of classes, since the class is progressive.  Experienced students may attend classes on a drop in basses at a rate of $15/class. 

Free Class: Curious about yoga?  Check out this free class with Lisa. This is an introductory class for new students.

April 2                                                  Sat. 10:00-11:15                      FREE Nail

All Levels: These classes are appropriate for all levels of experience.

Classes available In Person and Zoom unless indicated Zoom only

Session 1
Jan 10-Feb 21 (no class 1/24) Mon.  5:30-6:45  $72  Nail
Jan 11-Feb 22 (no class 1/25) Tues. 10:00-11:15  $72  Nail

Jan 5  Wed.     5:30-6:45pm        $15     Gass

Jan 19  Wed. 5:30-6:45pm           $15 Gass    Zoom Only

Feb 2 -March 23     Wed.         5:30-6:45pm          $96   Gass

                 Session 2
April 14-May16 (no class 4/25) Mon. 5:30-6:45 $72  Nail
April 15- May 17 (no class 4/26) Tues. 10:00-11:15  $72 Nail

April 6-May 18 (no class 4/20)     Wed.     5:30-6:45pm        $72   Gass

Continuing Yoga: Prior experience preferred.

Classes available In Person and Zoom unless indicated Zoom only

Session 1

Jan 6  Thurs. 10:00-11:15am       $15     Gass

Jan 20  Thurs. 10:00-11:15am       $15 Gass    Zoom Only

Feb 3 -March 24     Thurs. 10:00-11:15am        $96   Gass

Session 2

April 7-May 19 (no class 4/21)     Wed.     5:30-6:45pm        $72   Gass

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: This class includes classic and creative salutations with mindful alignment and attention to the breath. Lots of movement, but time for stillness and savasana.

Classes available In Person and Zoom unless indicated Zoom only

Session 1

Jan 4  Tues. 12:00-1:15pm      $15     Gass

Jan 18  Tues. 12:00-1:15pm       $15 Gass    Zoom Only

Feb 3 -March 24    Tues. 12:00-1:15pm   $96   Gass

Session 2

April 5-May 17 (no class 4/19 & 26)    Tues. 12:00-1:15pm   $60  Gass


Yin Yoga for the Chakras (In-person only: LNC)

Yin yoga is a type of yoga that takes you from the external physical realm to the internal mental emotional realm, with Asanas ( Yoga Postures) that help heal the body and the mind. This class intends to Stimulate and Balance the Wheels of Energy in our body called Chakras, while practicing Yin Yoga floor possess.

If you are seeking a class that calms the mind and rejuvenates the inner tissues, then this class is right for you.  

Jan 26 – Feb 23 (no class Feb 16) Wed.  10:00-11:15am $45 Razzaq

Yin Yoga with Positive Affirmations for the Soul  (In-person only: LNC)

In this Yin Yoga Class, I am infusing the power of Positive Affirmations with the long held Floor Possess of Yin Yoga, promoting physical health, emotional calm, and mental clarity. Each of the four classes focuses on a specific Affirmation that will help us sink deep into the Posture to magically wrap the mind with peace and calmness, and help the body to trust, let go, and Physically benefit from the possess that accompany the affirmation.

March 2-March 30 (no class March 16) Wed. 10:00–11:15am $45 Razzaq

Yoga for Emotional Balance:  A 7-session meditative movement program designed to help us practice empowered self-acceptance. Lisa, a loss and life adjustment consultant offers therapeutic mind-body integration skills and strategies to meet our curiosity through self-assessment, self-doubt through leaning into constriction, self-motivation through inviting action, feelings of loss through cultivating connection, anxiety through grounding, and feelings of guilt through self-love. No previous yoga experience expected. Each session involves gentle poses, guided meditation, breathing practices and therapeutic movements.

Yoga for Emotional Balance: (in-person only: LNC)
March 1 -April 19 (no class March 15) Tues. 4:00-5:15pm $84  Banu
Sitting with Curiosity: (online only: zoom)
March 2-April 20 (no class March 16) Wed. 10:00-11:15am $84 Banu



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