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Registration for all Yoga Balance classes is easy! Classes are held at the Morton Community Center, part of West Lafayette Parks and Recreation. All registrations are done through West Lafayette Parks and Recreation. Call (765) 775-5120 for more information. Mail-in registrations are given first priority each session.

Classes listed here may not be on the current schedule of classes but may return to the schedule.

Free Yoga (special class): At the beginning of each session, we offer a free class to anyone interested in trying yoga.

Free Yoga instructor: Lisa Nail

Gentle Yoga: This class will use mindfulness in stretches and postures to increase your body awareness, increase your range of motion, and improve your overall health. Deep relaxation will be used to rejuvenate and re-balance your body, mind, and spirit.

Gentle Yoga instructors: Lisa Banu  and Debra Steinhauer

Hatha Yoga: The breathing techniques and postures of yoga increase strength and flexibility, which are essential for both a healthy body and mind. Discover a profound sense of relaxation and wholeness unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Classes are available for beginners, continuing, and all-level practitioners. See our schedule for more information.

Hatha teachers: Lisa Nail, Shari Gass, and Debra Steinhauer

Flow Yoga: Includes classic and creative salutations with mindful alignment and attention to breath. Lots of movement but time for stillness and savasana.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructor: Shari Gass

Yoga for Every Body: This class is designed specifically to be accessible to a wider variety of bodies than a traditional yoga class. The space we will create together will be a space focused on exploring movement and calming the mind. Every body is a good body worthy of care and love.

Yoga for Every Body instructor:  Lacey J. Davidson

Radical Body Acceptance Yoga and Liberation Meditation: In this class we will explore radical body acceptance through an inclusive yoga practice. This class is designed for community organizers, activists, and all others who wish to examine the embodied aspects of various oppressions. The meditations will focus on letting go of various oppressive ways of being.

Radical Body Acceptance Yoga and Liberation Meditation instructor: Lacey J. Davidson

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